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This is a selection of resources related to system design that will up your game. From reading recommendations to tools, images, objects, and videos, this page compiles my favorite resources, as well as articles I wrote. If you encounter something I should write about, please let me know.


1. What is a Visual Identity?
(Text: Martin Lorenz | Image: Frida Lannerström Unsplash)
2. From designing messages to designing languages
(Text & Image: Martin Lorenz)
3. Logo ≠ Visual Identity
(Text: Martin Lorenz | Image: Technology Futures, Inc.)
4. Why did FVI’s become popular?
(Text: Martin Lorenz | Image: Daniel Neville)
5. Are Flexible Visual Identities really a new thing?
(Text: Martin Lorenz | Image: Hyphen Press, London)
6. How do contemporary FVIs work?
(Text: Martin Lorenz | Image: Martin Lorenz)

Book Recommendations

Book Recommendation:
The Shapes of the Colors
by Karl Gerstner
Book Recommendation:
Semiology of Graphics
by Jacques Bertin
Shameless Self-Promotion
Flexible Visual Systems

Hypothetical thought experiment: What if the Flexible Visual System approach would be integrated in an academic context?

Learning how to design flexible systems is not just learning another craft, it is going to change the way you think and work entirely. It is an approach to design, not a trick or technique. When you approach design systematically, you will learn to build a foundation that can support an infinite and ever-growing number of applications. Flexible Visual Systems is the foundation course in an interdisciplinary design curriculum yet to be written.

Foundation Course
1. Thinking in Systems
2. Visualizing Systems
3. Communication Systems

Main Courses 
4. What do I need to know to work in a specific field of design?
5. How to transition from theory to practice?

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