FVS Weekly Nr. 53

Dear Flexible System Designers, 

A new lesson from the “Grids as Transformational Tools” course is ready! I am having so much fun with this approach. After having done a lot of lessons dealing with components, this approach feels completely different. Access the new lesson here: https://flexiblevisualsystems.info/courses/gridtransform/gridcircle/

I also made changes to the “courses”  and “home” pages. You can read the FVS Weekly blog posts from now on on the “home” page of https://flexiblevisualsystems.info/ 

On the “courses” page I added a quick overview of all the courses at the beginning of the page. Having already six courses and many lessons and footnotes increases the need for a clear structure. https://flexiblevisualsystems.info/courses/

I am still working on the foundation course, which is going to be great even for my advanced Super Supporters. Sometimes it is necessary to zoom out and revisit the fundamental definitions of what Identity Design is and what it means to our society. It is of utmost importance to me to teach you knowledge that will be relevant for many years and a foundation course is exactly this, fundamental. 

Have a great week!