FVS Weekly Nr. 52

Good Morning Flexible System Designers,

WOOP! WOOP! I released the first lesson of a new course, called “Grids as Transformational Tools — How Grids Can Become Visual Identities”. This is the very first course that shows how to build a flexible system based on transformation. Instead of components, we are going to design a process that becomes a Flexible Visual Identity. I already love how wild FVS becomes, changing the approach. Access the first lesson with this link: https://flexiblevisualsystems.info/gridtransform/

SECOND NEWS! Two students of the Manchester School of Art will interview me live on our Discord channel this Friday, 8.12.2023 at 6 pm Berlin time. Join us and ask anything you like or just listen to our conversation. I am also happy to do a FLIPPED CLASSROOM feedback session right after the Q&A. Looking forward to seeing you.

Have a great week!