FVS Weekly Nr. 47

Dear Flexible System Designer,

I have made BIG UPDATES on www.flexiblevisualsystems.info! Every lesson has now a table of contents on the bottom, making it easier for you to jump in between lessons and not just to the next lesson. It also gives you an overview of how many lessons you did and how many are still left. 

But the BIGGEST update are the SUMMING UP & FINAL PROJECT lessons at the end of each course! As you know, almost all lessons have short assignments, but there hasn’t been a Final Project assignment. It wraps up a course and lets you use your newly learned knowledge and skills. Not using what you just learned will make you forget about it soon. It is like reading a text and not summing it up in your own words. Only by actively using knowledge can you convert codified knowledge into embodied knowledge.

IMPORTANT!!! Once you completed the final project, upload it to our Discord Channel (even if it is not finished) and get comments from your fellow patrons. We have so many fantastic people in our community. Let’s reactivate our Discord chats! An active community is a game-changer for all of us. 

Have a look at all the changes I made: https://flexiblevisualsystems.info/courses/

On a more personal note, our community members Will, Ricardo, and Tim came to see me at the Blanc Festival (https://blancfestival.com). It was so much fun to see you in person. Hope we can repeat this with more patrons. ❤️

Have a great week!