FVS Weekly Nr. 38

Happy Monday!

I have a big announcement for my Super Supporters, which potentially changes your learning experience considerably. I am going to program a monthly Flipped Classroom Session on Zoom. In these sessions, you can share with me the work you have done for the courses, get feedback and ask any questions that arose while following them. 

Let me share with you a couple of thoughts, on why I think that this new format could be great: 

1. Human interaction is still unbeatable for nuanced and complex conversations. In face-to-face communication, we are much more receptive and responsive to all the details and contexts that influence understanding. 

2. In a verbal conversation I can quickly skip between meta and matter and explain why I am teaching what and at what stage. System Design is complex and it is easy to get lost and forget why you are doing what you are doing.

3. Every time I have a conversation with one of you, it influences how I prepare my courses. Knowing what you are struggling with and how I can help you will change the curriculum I am working on. 

I am still not sure about the date, because I have some traveling ahead of me, but the first session is going to happen for sure in September. Instead of making another post or newsletter to announce the date and share the Zoom link, I might send you an email through Patreon. 

Have a great week!