FVS Weekly Nr. 71

Dear Flexible Visual Systems Designers,

We are coming to an end! This is the last lesson of the Foundation Course!

Lesson 8:
The FVS Manifesto Explained

After going into the details of the mechanics of Flexible Visual Systems, let us zoom out at the end of the course and have a look at the FVS Manifesto. On the first page of the book Flexible Visual Systems, you will find a Manifesto that does not come with any explanation. In lectures, I tried to explain each of the points because I am aware that every abbreviation contains the risk of misinterpretation. This is an attempt to make the elaboration available to everyone.

Link to the lesson: https://flexiblevisualsystems.info/courses/foundation/fvs-manifesto-2/

What to do next?

There is a total of 6 finished courses you could embark on next:

What Is a FVS? — Visual Identities, Flexible Systems, and The FVS Model:

Historic Systems — The Manual, The Template, The Kit and The Program:

Systemic Creativity —Zwicky, Gerstner and The Morphological Box:

The CAA Method — The Most Popular Visual Identity System:

Modular Type Design — Type Follows Function, Follows Grid, Follows Components:

… and one course I am currently developing:

Grids as Transformational Tools — Using Grids Right By Using Them Wrong:

Pro Learner Tip: Make the exercises, and if you can, a couple of times. Share them with the community on Discord and get feedback. Apply the learned in your day-to-day work and see how you can adapt the learned to your specific tasks.

Have a great week!