FVS Weekly Nr. 44

Dear Flexible Systems Designers,

October has arrived! This will be a pretty busy, but exciting month for me. Apart from teaching at the Bachelor Degree of Elisava a course about Flexible Systems for Data Visualization and at the Master Degree a workshop in Systemic Type Design, I will be giving a couple of lectures you can attend either offline or online:

Wednesday 4th October – 5 pm CEST

Wednesday 11th October – 6 pm CEST

Thursday 19th October – 10:30 am CEST

I will announce at these lectures that the Spanish version of my book Flexible Visual Systems will finally come out at the Spanish publisher Graffica (https://graffica.info/). You heard it here first!!!

This was very long in the making and I am really happy that this finally happens. Making books was never easy, but it got really difficult in the last couple of months/years. The costs of paper, printing, and especially distribution skyrocketed. We almost had to let the English version go out of print, but were able to print another, maybe last, edition (THE 5TH!) by lowering our revenue drastically and raising the store price to 48€. The Spanish edition will stay at the original price of 42€. We won’t print a huge amount of copies, so the moment the presale starts, tell your Spanish-speaking friends. We might not be able to reprint if the prices go up again. … and if you already have a copy, hold on to it dearly, it will become a collector’s item. 🙂

On a personal note, I will stay the entire October and the beginning of November in Barcelona and am really looking forward to working with Tim Rodenbröker on our first joint course. Coding Systems, here we come!

Have a great week!

P.S.: Super Supporters, mark the 20th of October in your calendars for another Flipped Classroom meeting. The Flipped Classroom meetings are your chance to get live feedback from me and the community.