FVS Weekly Nr. 33


FIRST THINGS FIRST! Before I start the new FVS Weekly, I want to announce another online community meeting on the 28th of July from 3 to 4 pm CEST. Join and ask anything you would like to know from me or the other members of the community!

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86515477535?pwd=ajNtZWRwQWdSZXpYczRBNzcrRXd3dz09

Make a note in your calendar!

This is one of these FVS Weeklys in which I tell you a little bit about what’s going on at my end. After a very busy beginning of the year, giving a workshop about A.I. supported Type Design at the HfG Offenbach (DE), teaching Modular Type Design at the Graphic Design Master of Elisava in Barcelona (ES), giving two workshops about Motion Identities at the Film Academy of Ludwigsburg (DE), two workshops about Flexible Systems for Visual Identities for PAGE Magazine (DE), giving lectures at Bold (SE), Peter Schmidt Group (DE), Ecole Supérieure de Design de Troyes (FR), Manchester School of Design (UK), Open Source School of Design in Bari (IT) and Espaço.CC in Sao Paulo (BR), I decided to take it a bit slower and quit my 15-week long course about Design Research at Elisava, as well as a couple of other opportunities to give lectures.

I love to teach, but after 20 years it is not as exciting as it was in the beginning. I will keep on doing lectures and workshops, but much less. I want to find more time for research. The work I do for our FVS community is what matters most to me. This is where I develop new thoughts and try to make them useful to you.

Now to a couple of changes, I made on www.flexiblevisualsystems.info!

I cleaned up the Resources page, rewrote some of the texts, changed pictures, and added the Footnote articles. I am not going to use a separate page for Footnotes anymore. You will find from now on all articles I write or interviews I give or conduct on the Resources page: https://flexiblevisualsystems.info/resources/

I added a Patreon page where I explain what you get for your selected Tier: https://flexiblevisualsystems.info/patreon/

Have a great week!