1. Working with systems is more efficient because the application can be automated.
  2. Working with systems is more durable because the components can be optimized without having to overhaul the entire system.
  3. Working with systems enables teamwork, as it is based on objectively comprehensible rules.
  4. Thinking in systems makes empathy necessary for communication because design components have to be understood in context, as people will encounter them, which may be very different from how you encounter them.
  5. Thinking in systems creates a sense for responsibility, as your work affects the system as well as everyone and everything involved.
  6. Thinking in systems leads to the opportunity of criticism of systems because you realize that the system may be the problem, not its components.
  7. Not working or thinking in systems corresponds neither to our today’s communication networks nor to contemporary communication behavior.

Source: Flexible Visual Systems, M. Lorenz, Slanted Publishers, 2021